Metal Fabricator/Tool Maintenance

Job Description:
This position requires the employee to have experience working with metals and fabrication. He or she must possess a good working knowledge of: metal fabrication, machining of metals and wood patterns, fixtures, fabrication and assembly fixtures. The ideal candidate will be hard working and punctual and must like challenges and being creative.
This person must possess and exhibit the Core Values of LeClaire Manufacturing: honesty, the desire to continuously improve themselves and the company, respect for others, must take initiative and strive for excellence; and will encourage these values in his/her co-workers on a daily basis.

Essential Functions:
o Working with their hands, whether directly manipulating components or using controls on a CNC machine.
o Mechanical Skills: In addition to computer software, the employee will use a number of hand tools and large scale machines to finish his or her products.
o Attention to Detail: Precision is crucial to this position. This person needs to make sure that their work is flaw free to the minutest detail.
o Must be able to read prints and use a computer to read cad files. Being able to run a CNC machine and use cam software for such purposes is a plus.
Education: HS Diploma or GED.
The ideal candidate must have good mechanical skills, be skilled in working with his or her hands and absolutely must enjoy doing that type of work. This position required a flexible work schedule and must be available to work when needed.

Five years in fabrication and metal working.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Don't Be Fooled

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